London Street Vendor Cries

As we have been talking about street vendors in Cities! I thought you might find these vendors cries interesting. They are from a book called “The Nursery Companion” compiled by Iona and Peter Opie. This is also a wonderful book for nursery rhymes as used in Young Child 4 and the upcoming Hickory Dickory Tickle and Bounce.

Buy a Mat or a Hair Broom!
A mat for your door, or a brush for your room,
Come buy a stout mat, or a clean-sweeping broom;
None better than mine, I will dare to presume;
Then come, pretty maids, buy a mat or hair broom.

Sixpence a Pottle Fine Strawberries!
Strawberries, sixpence a pottle! So nice,
That surely you will not begrudge, sir, the price;
Of treat more delicious could epicure dream,
Than these fine large strawberries with sugar and cream?

Sweetbrier and Nosegays So Pretty Come Buy!
Sweetbrier and nosegays of exquisite bloom,
So vivid their tints, and so rich their perfume,
That the well-furnished basket we’re forced to admire,
And earnestly wish for a bunch of sweetbrier.


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