Rainy Day Activities!

Well, we are getting much needed rain in S.E. Ohio but that can make it challenging from a parenting perspective. The children (and the parents) have been used to being able to go outside, take a walk, go to the park etc. I thought I would give you some age specific ideas for indoor play as the weather changes. Some of these directly relate to your home materials and some are just some favorites that we have used in my house.

Infants (o – 18 months)

Turn on some quiet music and turn your house into a museum. Stroll through the rooms looking at pictures, knicknacks, furniture etc. Label what you see with its name. Talk about the colors and textures.

Find some household items and make a band. Beat on plastic or metal bowls, hit wooden spoons together, clap your hands, and pat your legs. Do Si Do home CD has lots of great tracks (Maple Leaf Rag, Toodala, Wraggle Taggle Tambourine to name a few) for this type of activity.

Look in the handouts from class for suggestions on using your art banners. There are also some of the dance steps listed there.

Our Time (18 month-3 years)

Ready for a fun mess? Make some pudding, put on a bib and do some finger painting on the table or high chair tray. Yogurt works good too. Listen to Doot Doot Doodle-eet from your home CD. Can you paint in smooth and choppy motions?

There is a great Peep Squirrel extension game on page 34 of your Family Activity Guide. What else can you find to peep through?

How about a Family Parade. Turn up the Radetsky March or William Tell Overture, get out the zigzag blocks and march through every room of the house.

Cuddle up on Mommy and Daddy’s bed for a snuggle and story.

Imagine That (3 years – 5 years)

Shhhhhhh – what do you hear? Turn off all the radios, t.v.s, computers, etc and just listen. As your child identifies a sound, see if he can duplicate it with his mouth or body?

Make a pretend tree house. Throw a blanket or sheet over the dining room table or a card table. Get a flashlight and a book or a color book and crayons and spend the afternoon in the tree house. Maybe mom could figure out the “secret password” and bring a healthy snack.

Look at a picture in a magazine and tell a story about what is happening. What could you hear if you were there?  How do the people feel?

Explore movement words – use your body to see how it feels and then color it on paper.

Young Child 1 (5 – 7 year olds)

Play home library – let your child be the librarian and you be the patron. Maybe she could “read” a story to you for story time.

Make your own percussion section. Remember percussion instruments are hit or shaken. Create names for each of your inventions. Don’t forget to bring one to class.

Get out the rhythm cards. “Play” the beats with different parts of the body (feet, fingers, head, eyes etc). Don’t forget the rests!

Listen to new styles of music. If you usually listen to country music at home, try some classical. Classical fan? Enjoy some classic rock. Everyone should try some music from another part of the world. An easy way to do this is to listen to samples of tunes on iTunes on the computer or try the music stations on the satellite systems.


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