The aggravating sock war

This has absolutely nothing to do with Kindermusik and/or child development but I am going to rant a bit. I hate unmatched socks!!! Every time I do a load of whites, I take the basket in the living room and fold them. Inevitably, the children have not managed to get both socks into the laundry so I end up with all these single socks in the bottom of the basket. I usually leave them there in hopes that the mate will turn up in a future load of laundry.

Yesterday, I just couldn’t take it anymore. The unmated socks HAD to GO! So, I spread them all out on the floor and had everyone look at them. Amazingly, Greg and I don’t have socks that don’t have mates. Hmmmm. It could be because we put our laundry in the laundry room right away and sort it. Anyway, after the kids had a good gander at the mess on the living room floor, I sent them to their rooms. Hannah found a few of her’s. I made her take the pair to the laundry room and put it in the whites basket. I am aware that the one on the floor was already clean, but I want to KNOW that each set has gone into the washer as a pair. Sarah found one I think. She thinks the fact that I’m upset is completely ridiculous. JUST wait until she has children!

So then I announced that I am going to take a picture of the remaining socks and store it on my computer. I am throwing the socks that are on the floor away. I just know that as soon as I toss them, a mate is going to show up. I can match it with my digital picture and throw it away so we don’t have this accumulation problem anymore.  This brought uproarious laughter from Greg and Sarah. They can laugh if they want but I am done with unmated socks. I told Greg if he kept laughing, I was going to have a print of my photo made into a poster so I could hang it in the laundry room.

I really think everyone should wear fun printed socks the way I do. It makes them much easier to match when folding.


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