Everybody needs a date night

This is just a reminder to all parents that you have to schedule time to be adults. Don’t forget!!! It is so easy to get caught up in work, child care, household duties, maintenance projects and forget to just go out and relax. I really thought it would be better for us once we had a babysitter living in our house. I mean, Sarah babysits for other people, it shouldn’t be that hard to have her keep Hannah for a couple of hours while we go out. Right?? Wrong!!! Between pep band, a boyfriend and her other babysitting gigs it is really hard to find a time to have her here for us. Not only that, but she is much less eager to sit for her sister than for other people’s children.

After enduring yet another snow/inclement weather day yesterday, I was in serious need of some adult time last night. When they aren’t in school consistently, it is hard to enforce strict bedtimes and then Greg and I end up not even having quiet time in the house until very late in the evening. So, I emailed a desperate plea yesterday afternoon. Truly, I wouldn’t have cared if we went to the gas station and drank a cup of coffee if it meant we got out of the house for a while.

We went to see Sweeney Todd. This ranks very high in my top ten favorite musicals of all time. I was hesitant to see it in film. I knew Tim Burton had a terrific cast of actors, but, COULD THEY SING? I was not disappointed. Alan Rickman, as Judge Turpin, had an incredible bass voice. You can definitely also add singing to Johnny Depp’s strengths. The other cool thing about the screen version is that they could do so much more than you can do on the stage. Okay, so it was much darker, bloodier and more macabre than a stage presentation, but it was very well “executed”.(forgive the pun).

So we went out, and I am much more tolerable of my children today. It’s easy to remember that I actually like them and like doing things for them (in addition to loving them which was never in question) now that I have had a little break. We were only gone about three  hours, but I think everyone in the family benefited from the time apart.  Greg and I definitely benefitted from sitting in a theater, sharing popcorn and holding hands for a couple of hours.

So, even if you have to put it on the calendar. DON’T forget to continue to date. No matter how young your children, they will benefit from the time you take to nurture yourself.


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