It won’t be long…

I know we haven’t even celebrated Valentine’s Day yet, but spring will soon be upon us and with it comes the wonderful time of year when that fabulous treat, Peeps, appear in the store. Now I know in recent years you can buy sugar coated marshmallow treats for just about every holiday, but none taste as wonderful as the ones shaped like bunnies and chicks.


There are lots of websites dedicated to peeps. Googling the word will yield many choice sites. However, my husband sent me the following site last night and I thought, living in a college town, I would share it here.

Enjoy a good morning chuckle by visiting Millikin Library’s Peep Research Site.

Here’s a fun Peeps Video for you. This isn’t the kind of music I would normally post on this blog, but the stop motion animation is really neat.

And one more – Peeps Jousting. You want some fun? Go buy some Peeps and nuke them in the microwave after the kids go to bed.

Okay, I promise I’ll go back to work soon. See teaching Kindermusik keeps me off the internet.


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