Edible Flowers

This week in Village class we will be exploring white carnations during the song Flowers Sweet. The focus of this lesson is on smell and sensory stimulation. We will feel the flower, smell it, look at it and describe all those things to develop language as well as a connection to the scent. I have selected white carnations because they are actually edible. As you know, babies will mouth anything and everything. And, while I’m not going to encourage them to eat them in class, I do want something safe for them to explore with the numerous nerve endings and sensors around the mouth.


To prepare the flowers for class (and for eating if you choose), I give them a gentle bath in a very mild soap solution. I then rinse them thoroughly in a clear water solution by “swishing” them and I pat them very gently with a paper towels to dry them. This retains their freshness and scent, but removes any types of residue that might be on the flower.

There are many websites with information about edible flowers. I like this one because it gives a nice chart that explains what the flower tastes like, as well as which ones are edible. Please remember NOT ALL FLOWERS ARE EDIBLE!! Do your research or take a field guide with you.

In the past, our Krogers store has sold a blister pack of “edible flowers” in the section with the fresh herbs. I have not been able to get these this year though I keep going down there and trying.

This website gives a list of flowers that include many that will grow in our local climate. Even if you aren’t in Village class this semester, why not try growing a garden of edible flowers for the summer.


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  1. Glad to see edible flowers. It was nice going through it. Keep it up the good work.

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