Jersey Boys was AMAZING!!

WOW! Jersey Boys was an absolutely terrific show. It was one of those shows that was two and half hours long, but did not at all feel like we had been there that long. All of the musicians were phenomenal. I particularly enjoyed the sound of the brass/woodwind section that was added in the second half. The singers/actors really played the roles well. The Aronoff Center was beautiful and the acoustics were very good. After the show, mom and I went to the Montgomery Inn Boathouse for dinner. Barbecued Ribs and Roast duck with Mandarin Orange Sauce. YUUMMMMYYYYY!!! I can now say that I have had my car parked by a Valet and had a Sommelier come to our table to open the wine. It was very nice that he was able to recork the bottle for us so we could each have a glass with dinner, but take the rest home. For dessert, puff pastry rolls filled with Graeter’s vanilla ice cream and smothered in hot fudge.

After the show and dinner, we went to Michael’s and I picked up several items for the summer camp crafts. I hope you all get as excited about them as I do.

Okay, now it is back to reality and work. I was gardening at 7:00 a.m. this morning and now I’m in the office to finish my presentation for Music 566B and start planning our summer camps.
Stay cool! It is really hot out there.


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