Summertime and the living is easy…

Okay, I do not believe for a moment that summer was any more lazy or easy back when George Gershwin wrote this tune than it is now, but this song came to mind last night as I was working in the garden. Sometimes, living in Albany, I almost forget that it is 2008 and the world is a frenetic and crazy place.

We are so blessed to be able to have a fairly substantial garden plot right in the backyard. I brought in enough green beans last night to fill a medium mixing bowl after they were snapped. We’re going to have them tonight with turkey ham after Greg and Sarah get home from band practice. While I’m picking beans, and cucumbers, zucchini and peppers, Hannah is playing with the neighbor kids and they are running back and forth between the yards and riding their bikes up and down the street. Another blessing is to live in a  neighborhood where we can, without much worry, allow our children to play outside and exercise their bodies and imaginations and gather sunshine without fear of the dangers that lurk in bigger cities.

After I was done picking, I sat on the side porch and cleaned the beans and listened to the buzz of the neighbors up and down the street. Everyone out on their porches enjoying a warm but pleasant evening outside. The birds were singing and you could hear kids on the next street over playing Wiffle ball in their yard. I didn’t do it last night, but it is nice to sit on the porch until it gets dark and watch the fireflies come out and light up the night.

So there are some “living easy” moments in the summertime. Today it is back to a crazy schedule of being a mom, band booster, business owner and teacher but those brief interludes on my porch bring back the serenity and sanity of Summertime.


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