I’m a sneaky mama…

Hannah is having a sleepover here tonight with her best friend from school. Greg and Sarah are gone to an away football game, so I gave permission for the friend to come home on the bus. The girls have planned this night all week long. They have accomplished just about everything they talked about doing – including getting me to make spaghetti for dinner. The one thing that is on the list that I’m betting isn’t going to happen is the staying up all night.

Now this is really important to Hannah because Sarah and her friends stay up all night. Well, these two girls are about worn out, they have swum, played on the slip-n-slide, ridden bikes, played with the plastic horse collection, painted their nails, had two snacks. All of this after a full day of school. They were getting pretty wound up – I think in an effort to stay awake. So, I relinquished the television and suggested they turn on some Disney channel. heheheheheheheheeeeee. They are both lying on their respective ends of the sofa with their eyes half closed. Every once in a while one of them has an outburst, but they are getting further and further apart and quieter in volume. HEHEHEEHEHEHEEEE my diabolical mom plan is working. Shhhhhhh….. don’t tell. I’m betting they are out like lights before Greg and Sarah even return home. Sleep tight my little darlings!


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