The Nerve: Music and the Brain

My friend and colleague, Sarah Peel Li, just shared this information with us via the group for Kindermusik educators on Yahoo. Let me just say that Dr. Levitin was very interesting, informative and entertaining at last year’s Kindermusik convention. I do own his book, THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON MUSIC, and have really enjoyed reading it. Even if you are not a musician, I think it is very accessible reading. Here’s what Sarah shared.

CBC Radio 2 in Canada is currently offering an excellent series on
Music and the Human Experience. Podcasts are available for download
as well as on demand at their website

If you attended convention last year you will be familiar with the
work of Dr. Daniel Levitin who wrote “This is Your Brain on Music” and
spoke during the opening session. He, as well as a who’s who of
scholars of why music matters and how it impacts human development,
are featured in the first two episodes. It is a fascinating series
and well worth putting on. Episode one also features extra online
material with an extended interview with Dr. Levitin.

I’m currently trying to figure out how to download the podcasts right now. Enjoy!


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