Halloween – Not just for candy any more!

A bunch of Kindermusik educators were chatting this week about Halloween and the things we do to add to our classes during this time. Miss Debbie, a great teacher in Kearney Mo, shared this FOL (Foundation of Learning Statement) that she shares with the parents in her studio.

Pretend Play

The development of pretend play generally moves from using one object to represent something else, to dressing up and/or pretending to be something else, to role-playing and interacting while in that role. You can provide opportunities for your child’s imagination to blossom by providing your child with hats, coats, shoes, etc. to play dress up.

Wow, not only do you get some wonderful photo ops, and your child gets yummy goodies, but dressing up for Halloween is also developing your child’s brain. Not convinced? Check out this quote from an article on http://www.preschoolerstoday.com.

Children who make up plots and characters through role-play not only smile more, but are engaged in activities that build a stronger sense of self-confidence. Child development experts agree that dress-up play not only stimulates imagination, it can also be tracked to improved vocabulary and social skills.

Taking on other roles armed only with a towel, some of Dad’s old ties, a little costume jewelry or maybe an old bridesmaid dress from the back of Mom’s closet was an intrinsic part of our exploration of the world as children. How can our children venture into life’s uncharted territories without first imagining their way across the ocean in a pirate’s hat?

Research shows that children who engage in this type of imaginative, open-ended play are more creative thinkers who eventually mature into better problem solvers.

To read the entire article go here.

So, to encourage that imaginative play and creativity, and to allow you to milk a little more show and tell out of that costume, I am inviting you to dress your child up for class next week (October 27 – 30). I would love to see them all dressed up. Hmmmmmmmm, maybe Miss Christa will dress up too! Remember, we will still be doing our normal activities so some masks and props may need to be left with the shoes.


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