Some great information from Kindermusik

Hey everyone! I am having a fantastic (exhausting) time in Raleigh right now. I cannot wait to get back home t to share with you the ideas, songs, books etc etc etc that I am learning about both through the blog and in the studio. I am just about half way through the convention and already have so many ideas for being  a better teacher, mom and business owner. Kindermusik absolutely is the best choice for your child and your family. I would love to bring all of you with me so you could meet the great Employee/Owners from KI that work so hard to provide our home materials, write our lesson plans and keep things current and real in today’s vastly changing world. 

There is one website I didn’t want to wait to get to you. KI has a wonderful new pamphlet that is viewable online about the benefits of music instruction and early literacy skills. They are also currently working on one that discusses the benefits of music instruction and early mathematical skills but it is not ready yet.

 Please share this website with your friends with children as well. As many of you know, I have been doing a lot of research about the quality of Kindermusik and insuring that we are the best choice for your families. I believe when you read the research you will be recommitted to the value of Kindermusik in your childrens’ lives. 

The website is  

Last night we were very very privileged to hear a concert by Skip Ewing and the Big Kidz Band. I cannot wait to incorporate some of the songs from his CD (Indian Elephant Tea) in class. He even did a special track just for Kindermusik families. He is an amazing musician (as are all the “dudes” in the band) and we had so much fun dancing and singing and being BIG KIDS. I even got an opportunity to dance on stage with him. This morning he spoke to us about creativity and helping children develop to their full potential by offering them the invitation to do so. If you would like to know more about Skip, visit his website

Okay it is about time for me to go back to “work”. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my card reader for my camera so you will have to wait for photos until I get home. 

I am having so much fun but I am also REALLY missing seeing you all in the studio. I’ll be home soon.


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