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WOW, I had every intention of blogging much sooner than a full week after I returned from Raleigh. However, as all parents can relate to, life threw me some curve balls last week. First of all, I tend to think I am Super Woman and then like Channing said Thursday night, I discover that my super powers are seriously limited. There was way more “business” to attend to than I anticipated. Then, as many of your know, our older daughter blacked out on a school field trip on Tuesday and fell down some steps, that led to being picked up early from school on Wednesday with vertigo, which led to blood work on Thursday and, ultimately, an ER visit Thursday evening. She is fine – it turned out to be a UTI and not something more serious. But, needless to say, I didn’t have a lot of calm, office time to organize my thoughts.

So, it is a beautiful chilly, snowy Monday morning, one full week after I have returned and I still have so much I want to share with you…

This past week in class, I introduced you to Loving Rituals and just the very tip of the iceberg in Conscious Discipline. I have ordered the Conscious Discipline book by Becky Bailey and it should arrive in the mail today. I don’t want to give you a ton of details, until I am sure that I understand it myself. However, I strongly recommend checking these ideas out for yourself. There is also a Facebook group for people using Conscious Discipline that I have joined to learn more. It is called The Connected Brainiacs: Practicing a Better Way to Raise Our Kids. I have to say that many of these ideas go against the grain of what I have used with my children so far, and are contrary to the systems of discipline I learned about in college as far as classroom managment goes. However, there is much wisdom in what I have read and heard and seen so far, so I am committed to learning more. I will share more with you as I go through this learning journey. Use the Twinkle Twinkle song at home to make some real eye -to – eye connections with your child. We often talk in the Village class about how important intentional touch and eye contact are in establishing the bond between parent and child. Just because your children get older doesn’t mean those things grow any less important. Make time to share with your child just how UNCONDITIONALLY important and loved they are – every day. And, don’t forget to use your S.T.A.R. I know mine is posted in a very high traffic area of our house.

As you know, I am very committed to your child’s health and safety in the classroom. I can assure you that Kindermusik International is also concerned about the same. In the coming year, they are going to begin requiring that all Kindermusik Educators have background checks to insure that every studio is a safe environment for your children. I am excited to tell you that I am ahead of the curve in this area, this past fall, I had a background check and submitted my fingerprints to the FBI as part of my work with the Alexander Bands. I think it is a terrific idea in this day and age that Kindermusik has committed themselves to this type of quality assurance in their teachers.

I sincerely want to thank all of you who have answered the Loyalty Survey that was sent out to you from Kindermusik. Again, Kindermusik is concerned that you are getting the best experience for your family. They are determined to help me become a better educator. Please, if you get the survey from them, take the time to fill it out. It is only a few questions and only takes a few minutes. You may remain completely anonymous so that you can be completely honest with them. Any comments you make, will be seen by Kindermusik International. If you choose, I may also see them, but you may choose for me not to be able to receive them either. Kindermusik will use that information to assess the job I am doing, and offer me workshops, mentoring etc. to offer the best program possible. I appreciate all the very kind words so many of you have shared. Words cannot express how much I love each of your children and enjoy getting to visit and work with you all every week.


This is getting quite long, and there is much more I want to share. So, I think I will close this “part 1”. I will post “part 2” in the next day or so. Until then, keep making music with your children and I will see you in class.


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