ABC 4-6 Creativity

This past Monday night in Sing Me A Story, we were sing the song Jing Jang. The words are

Jing Jang Jing Jang Let’s Make a Circle. Hands all around jing jang, hands all around jing jang, hands all around jing jang. Jing Jang Jing Jang I have an idea….

WOW did Parker, Emma, Dar, Cora, Ellie and Becca have ideas. According to the lesson plan, we were supposed to make circles with different parts of our bodies, culminating in a circle dance. These BRILLIANT thinkers, changed the circle into just about every shape imaginable. We made diamonds, squares, rectangles, triangles, ovals, ovals turned the other way, hearts and on and on with our hands, feet, legs, arms and each other.

I love that Kindermusik encourages us to let the plan go and allow the children to guide the lesson. In the old days of my public teaching career, I would have felt compelled to get them “back on track”. Now I know we weren’t off track, we just switched the direction a little bit. I am amazed at how many shapes these children know and the incredible ways the came up with to demonstrate them.

If you have a child in this class, give him/her a hug and tell them how smart they are!


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