Missing Grandpa

Grandpa Sam passed away this morning at around 1:00 a.m. The family had called in Hospice earlier this week and a DNR had been signed. Grandpa had been suffering from inoperable colon cancer for over three years. He has been miserable for a long time – especially since Grandma died a couple of years ago.

Grandpa was a major part of my life. Growing up we spent every Sunday afternoon at their house eating a meal together with the extended family, playing in the backyard or in the spare bedroom. I remember helping Grandpa pick carrots, tomatoes and apples out of the backyard garden he had. Grandpa loved flowers and had beautiful landscaping and roses too.

Grandpa also built model trains – in their garage he had build an incredible layout complete with buildings, ski lifts, working lights etc. It would take two or three guys to run all the trains at once. He built model ships too – anyone who has been to my house has seen the one that usually sits on the television. There were LOTS of those. He did all the fine detail work himself – including stitching the sails.

The smell of pipe smoke (cherry overtones) and Old Spice Aftershave is enough to make me look around and think Grandpa is in the room. He also is the first person I remember ever wearing a seatbelt and he wore his religiously before it even became a law.

Fun times were going for a “ride” on Friday or Saturday night with mom and dad. If they said we were picking up Grandma and Grandpa you could almost bet that we would stop and get ice cream somewhere.

Though I put myself through college, Grandpa bailed me out a time or two. He also was great for calling for a ride to or from piano lessons and for sending to mom’s office when I locked the keys in the car at the high school (right across the street from our apartment – I wasn’t supposed to drive the car over there anyway).

Grandpa had great stories about WWII, his childhood and was wise in many ways. One of his quotes is my husband’s favorite. I used to think this was silly, but the older I get the more I understand. “A bargain isn’t a bargain if you didn’t need the thing in the first place”.

Kindermusik families – I am going to have to cancel all of my Thursday classes this week in order to be with my mom and all my aunts, uncles and cousins at the funeral. Please contact me about either having a make up class on May 17 (Sunday) or I will give you a credit towards one class on a future semester.


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