A couple of interesting websites

Here are a couple of websites I have come across recently. Enjoy!

www.totsradio.com This site provides music, stories, lullabies and activities for the toddlers in your life. There is also a neat link called “Tot’s Buzz” that will give you information on toddler favorites such a sDoodlebops, You Gabba Gabba and The Wiggles. I haven’t listened for long. I know that there is a link for Listen Live! which appears to be a pay service for satellite. But, I have the site up while I am typing this and it is also playing kid friendly music without requiring me to log in or pay. It’s definitely a site worth checking out.

www.wigglenation.com This website is dedicated to “the discovery and promotion of new and emerging kids’ music”. I’m very excited about this one because one of my favorite kid artists, Suzi Shelton, has some songs and videos here. She has a few videos there, Honey My Love, is a great movement song for class or just for families to dance around. Check out the Going on a Road Trip song for a good “boogie around the room” song.

I’m always looking for great kids’ websites – if you have favorites let me know!



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2 responses to “A couple of interesting websites

  1. musikwithangie

    Thanks for the great links–the websites are wonderful.
    Kindermusik with Angie
    Portland, OR

  2. Thanks for the shout out Miss Christa! Really hoping to get back to Athens… I miss it! Especially in Spring! Keep up the great work…

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