Is your child perfect?

I read this interesting blog this morning. It is so hard as parents (especially mothers) to not get caught up in  comparing our children to others – favorably and unfavorably. The beauty and wonder of our children is they develop in their own time and in their own way. Every child is perfect at being who they are. We can help our children become confident adults by not pushing them too hard or holding them back too long. What a fine balance that is! This is why at Kindermusik we allow each child to experience class on his own terms. The ones who want to sit snuggled in the grown-up’s lap and observe is perfect, the runner at the back of the room is perfect, the one climbing up my leg is perfect. As long as we set appropriate boundaries for safety and how to treat others, it doesn’t matter if he hides the eggshaker in his pant leg, refuses to take them, or shakes the dickens out of them. It is all perfect. Enjoy YOUR children and their milestones to the fullest by not putting pressure on yourself or other moms to keep up.

Here’s the article:

Here are my "perfect" girls a long time ago!


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