Happy Mother’s Day to Super Moms Everywhere

Good morning all. I hope you are having a fantastic day doing whatever you want to do. As some of you know, I had a week where things just kind of caved in on me and I didn’t keep my composure the way I usually do. When that happens, it is usually a sign that I have not been taking a “me” break and am starting to unravel at the seams. It has been my plan since last weekend that today would not involve any work, business or house. Life will not end if I take one day off.

So, you ask, why are you writing a blog post on your business blog? Well, because this blog from Mamapedia came through my inbox this morning and spoke directly to what I am talking about. I am not the only mom who has been on the edge this week. It saddens me and plucks at my heart to see moms in my studio, my friends and colleagues who are feeling the same way I have been. This blogger has hit the nail on the head. I am going to post just two little paragraphs of what she says here, but please take time on this YOUR DAY to read the whole thing through. Then meditate upon it. I think just reading her words and knowing you are not alone will brighten your thoughts a bit.

From Ashley Stone of “Our Family Stone” The Adventures of SuperMom: on Taking a Break (5/8/10)

You know what? What if you took an hour? What if that hour consisted of tea and a book, alone? What if that hour was a walk in the fresh air at a speed faster than a snail crawls? What if you went to shop for pants and didn’t need the handicap change room to accommodate your stroller, your children, their crap and yourself? What if you, put yourself on the charger to reboot? The answer? You’d be refreshed. You’d have a chance to digest your days, your moments, your frustrations and your fears. You might, hash it out with a friend, or think quietly to yourself. You might smile a little more, because you’ve had time to think things through. You might look 5 years younger because the roots are now gone, thanks to a fabulous dye job and scalp massage. You might just find the world keeps spinning even when you don’t.

I think as busy, working Moms (and I mean working in the living life with kids sense, not the business office way. Either way if you have children, you’re working. All. The. Time) we get so wound up in our schedules and our lives, that our days become something of a cyclone, constantly spinning around us. And after awhile that spinning starts to feel as though it’s the earth’s momentum and we are the only ones holding all together.

As I work with moms, and try to be a great mom myself, I realize I’m a poor example of taking a break – though I totally believe it necessary. I get caught up in everything Ashley is talking about. I’ll admonish other women to take time off. I’ll watch other people’s children to give them that “me” time they need. But, I forget about myself at times.

Well, I’m not doing that today. I’m off to breakfast hosted by a friend. Then I’m going to shopping to buy a porch swing (hopefully). I’m going to read my book and watch t.v. and just do whatever comes up today that I want to do. The stacks of stuff will still be waiting until tomorrow for me to tackle them. And, the world won’t end while they are there.

Look in the mirror today and tell yourself you are doing a fabulous job and are worthy of praise and honor. YOU are!

Me and my girls Hannah (9) and Sarah (16)


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  1. Wow, what a great article. I definitely feel the same way.

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