Proud Mama = Busy Days

I have been so busy with my girls (and work) this summer that blog posts come and go in my brain but never seem to get translated to this site.

Our older daughter, Sarah, has just returned from a two week stint in the All Ohio State Fair Band that performs over 100 times at the Ohio State Fair. We learned yesterday that Ohio is the ONLY state that has a youth band like this for their state fair. It is an amazing musical experience for these children and I am very appreciative to the commissioners that continue to help fund this for our children. I’m amazed at the high quality instruction Sarah is provided through the two weeks she is there. The counselors, directors, and teachers seem to be tireless in their efforts of instructing these children. This is Sarah’s second year in this band and I suspect she is already planning on going back next year. Thank you Dr. Santa-Emma and your entire staff, and thanks to the Ohio State Fair for hosting our children. I should mention that three other children from Alexander High School made it into the AOSFB this year. I am so proud of ALL my band kids!

Hannah, our younger daughter, is completing her first year in 4H this year with the Alexander Bits n Pieces group. She completed a food and nutrition project entitled Snack Attack. In it, she cooked about ten different recipes and completed seven activities to learn about healthier choices for snacking. She placed first at the Athens County Fair level which qualified her for the State Fair competition. She reworked the project and competed in Columbus this past Thursday. Though she didn’t win more than a participation ribbon, Greg and I are immensely proud of her for doing her best and really focussing to get this done. She had a good time which, in our opinion, is a huge benefit at her young age.

Today, she is completing two cakes which will be entered in the cake decorating event tomorrow morning at the Athens County Fair. This is challenging mommy’s control issues as she has to do it all herself. She is getting frustrated and it is taxing her level of concentration. But, I decided to come in and catch up in the office so I’m not tempted to jump in and bail her out. Again, she is very young for this and I’m crazy proud of her for tackling it and seeing it through. The cake is adorable! (that’s not even mom bias)

So, if you have had to wait for replies from me these past couple of weeks with Kindermusik inquiries, this is what I have been doing! I am going to the Kindermusik Conference in San Francisco this week. When I return, I promise I will be back in full Kindermusik mode. Thank you for your patience and understanding of me needing to take time to be “mom” full time for a while.


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