Spring Is Coming – Use your senses!

As we approach spring, we anticipate new beginnings, new growth and new fresh starts. For me, the beginnings of longer days and flowers blooming is almost more a chance of starting over and refreshing than New Year’s Day in January. Maybe I just need lots of ‘restarting’ because I also feel this way about the start of a new school year as well.

Each season and time of the year offers some special for parents to do with their children. For many this has been a long winter of not being able to get outside, too much illness, cold, snow, ice and BLECH! As we start to have intermittent promises of nice days to come. Seize every opportunity to get outside – encourage your child to use all of his senses. Even the smallest babies can have their attention called to the bright sun, the blue sky, the green grass, smell the rain, the dirt, the flowers, listen to the birds, the wind, the rustle of the leaves, touch a raindrop, a new leaf, the warm (or cold) sidewalk. Many communities have farmer’s markets (I know Athens and Parkersburg do) check out what fresh produce is available in your area and taste the new produce as it is in season locally.

After these experiences, we know there are still going to be days of rain, cold, chill. Why not reproduce your outdoor experiences through reading books, pretend play, art work, or cooking?

I have found the more sensory experiences and interactions I have with children, the more I appreciate and see something new in the world as an adult. Use those senses and experience your own spring of renewal and regeneration!


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