Sunshine – one way or another

Wow – I cannot believe how much it has rained this spring. I don’t remember this many dark days during the months of April and May in a long time – if ever. It is easy, no matter your disposition to begin to feel a little dampened down by the inability to get outside and soak up some rays. It can be even more frustrating as the parent of a small child who needs to burn some energy, is tired, and cranky.

Here are some ideas to bring everyone some sunshiny days – even if it is raining outside:

1. Listen to Sunshine songs – There are lots of them for download at – the Mister Sun album is fantastic. Or, log into Pandora and create your own sunshine channel by adding song titles including sun words in the titles.

2. Now that you have your music – have a dance party. Nothing will perk you up and get you feeling better than some boogie-ing down around the house. Children LOVE to dance with their parents – so don’t just sit and watch – get up and move.

3. Make sunshine pictures. You can find many sunshine coloring by googling Sunshine Coloring pages. Or take a paper plate, color it bright yellow and draw on a face. Take it one step further, cut out eyes, nose and mouth to make a sunshine mask. Now you can sing “You Are My Sunshine” to each other.

4. Play Mr. Sun hide and seek – preschoolers love this game. Hide (or help your child hide) and then sing (or play a recording of the song) Mr. Sun as you are sought (or seek). Your child will be able to find you by listening for your voice (active listening skills are important to develop) and you can encourage their independent singing skills when he is the one who is hidden.

5. End the day with a sunshine dinner – some sunny food suggestions include: scrambled eggs (I don’t do sunny-side up ICK), yellow bell peppers, bananas, oranges, lemon jello, pineapple, grilled cheese (cheese is orange) etc.

6. Tuck in time – talk about fun things to do when it is really sunny outside and find out what your child is looking forward to being able to do. This will give you some great ideas – the sun has to come back sometime – right?

7. Join a Kindermusik class – we are having lots of fun in all our classes and the smiles and giggles are sure to brighten everyone’s day.


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