Born to Dance

We attended the Concert Under the Elms again last night. I love sitting outside, with a nice, cold iced-tea, great band, great music and the entertainment of watching small children at play.

Many of them dance uninhibitedly to the music -wildly and with such joy on their faces. They instinctively change their movements and expressions to the music without thought or hesitation.

For some, the music the background – they are running across the College Green, picking up sticks, climbing trees, bouncing balls, even playing with hula hoops – but if you look closely, they too are moving with the beat, change their patterns to the tempi changes in the music.

Last night, it was fun to watch the parents who were playing too. Some were supervising a dozen kids in one little tree, one mother was playing a game of chase with her toddler – both of them giggling with delight, some were dancing with the children.

Being an observer like this reminds of why I do what I do. Music has the power to move and delight people of ALL ages – from the very young to the very old. In class, I get the opportunity to help parents discover ways to share this delight with their children, and I get to share too.

I want to thank the Ohio University Music department, the staff at Memorial Auditorium and the numerous number of high school and college students and the plethora of community members of all ages who dedicate their time to practice every Tuesday evening and present these concerts every Wednesday evening throughout the summer so the citizens of Athens (and surrounding areas) can come together – for free – and celebrate music and the arts.

Thanks for continuing this wonderful tradition year after year. You are appreciated.


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  1. Linda Duke

    I’m a Kindermusik educator in Melbourne, Australia. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your very honest thoughts and fabulous insights. Recently I was given the opportunity to advertise (for free) in a local parent magazine by writing an editorial on my Kindermusik business. I was wondering if you would mind me taking a couple of your thoughts slightly reworded from a couple of your articles.
    Linda Duke

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