T-26 Days to Christmas

Oops – tis the season to get busy. Work and the kids got the best of me yesterday and I never came in and posted this. Periodically throughout the month, I would like to share special recipes with you. This recipe is a tradition in my family. Grandma Fern made it for years and always had it at Christmas time. Since her passing, I have taken over the responsibility of bringing it to the family celebration. I’m posting it now because it takes 4-5 days to prepare. You don’t wait until Christmas Eve to do this.

Homemade Hard Salami
5 lbs lean ground beef
5 rounded tsps. Morton Tender Quick
1 tsp hickory smoked salt*
2.5 tsp garlic salt
2.5 tsp mustard seed
2.5 tsp crushed black pepper

Mix all ingredients well using hands.

Cover – refrigerate – mix once a day for three days using hands.

On the fourth day, shape three logs 2.5″ in diameter.

Bake at 150 degrees (or lowest oven temperature) at least 12 hours – turning over once after six hours.**

Logs should shrink in diameter quite a bit and the meat should appear to be dry when cut.

*I cannot find Hickory Smoked Salt in the store. I bought hickory smoke flavoring and added 1 tsp to a 1/4 cup of kosher salt. I store this in an air tight container after using what I need for this recipe. It is good on pork and chicken too.

** My oven does best set at 200 degrees and it still takes about 12 hours to finish. If it is a particularly damp day outside, it can take longer.


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