T-22 Days to Christmas – Wrapping!!!

Nope I am not warped – I LOVE to wrap. I usually leave it until closer to Christmas because I love sitting and doing it and watching a great Christmas movie (Holiday Inn, White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, Muppet Christmas Carol, Christmas Story etc etc etc – oops sounds like that can be a post for another day) or listening to my days worth Christmas recordings.

But, this year, things are a little different with the Kindermusik schedule going up through the week before Christmas, Sigman Christmas being on Christmas Eve day, helping out with ATD Jr. so I decided to get most of it done today.

Why do I love it? It gives me time to reflect on each gift I have selected and the person for whom it is intended. I love wrapping paper and only rarely do I use gift bags. I love the preciseness of cutting the paper, folding the edges crisp and taping tight. I love the anticipation I see on faces when there is a beautiful stack of gifts under the tree. I used to go nuts with bows and ribbons. But, I have learned through the years that it isn’t really practical or necessary considering we travel with most of our gifts. Easier to stack them and just let the paper speak. I like to buy a variety of colors and prints so it looks festive – even on leaner years when there isn’t as much under the tree.

I also love buying stocking stuffers for the girls. Those little tiny things I can pick up that use up the scraps of paper I trim off other packages. Little bundles that won’t be seen until Christmas morning because I STILL hide those.

I told Greg today, if I had more free time, I would hire myself out as a present wrapper. I used to do so in high school and college. Too bad I don’t think I can work it in now. Hmmmmm maybe that will be an odd job I will have when I retire.

I admit to sometimes buying more presents than we need (especially those stocking stuffers) just so I have more to wrap.

Until tomorrow…….


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