T-14 Days to Christmas – Crafting

Okay so I always have this grand idea that I will start crafting next year’s gifts sometime in the summer when “I have more time”. RIGHHHHHTTTTT! Who am I kidding? Moms and business owners don’t get summers off (who does really?) So it is always the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve that I kick into crafting mode. I have learned over the years to just let go of my preconceived notions of what I can actually get finished and am slowly learning to do only what I can. But it is a slow process.

Here’s the problem though. Two weeks before Christmas (YEP folks – two weeks from today) I want the house to be nice and neat and that imaginary land of surfaces cleaned off, floors vacuumed, and everything just beautifully decorated. However, when your dining room table and living room floor are where the crafting happens that is an absolute impossibility if you didn’t do the crafting in the summer.

So, though I still need to finish up lesson plans for this week and next (very busy week ahead and I don’t want to have to worry about next week’s celebration plans) and the winter schedule needs to be listed at my website (it is already up on http://www.kindermusik.com) I have spent the morning finishing gifts for my aunts and uncles so I can get that project off the table. Tonight, while Greg and I watch t.v., I will not sit snuggled under a quilt (yep I made it) at his side, but in the middle of the living room floor finishing up yet another project.

Why do I do it you ask? Is this post leaving you to believe I am stressed? Well the answer to both is – I LOVE IT! I love making things, I love creating and am fortunate that the people I give these gifts to actually appreciate them very much. I know they are practical and useful. They have cost me much time, but very little money and the recipient has been in my mind the entire time I have embarked on the project. I am not stressed – the reality is that this will never be a Better Homes and Gardens showplace. What it is, I hope, is a cozy place where real people live and well….. sometimes craft on the table.

I’m just thankful that this isn’t like the year I was still making sweatshirt jackets with appliqué and buttonhole stitching on the way TO Christmas celebrations Christmas morning in Cincinnati. That year, I sat in the recliner for 12 hours on Christmas Eve sewing like mad while Greg and Sarah baked cookies and did other things. Thank goodness there was a Tom Hanks marathon on T.V. that year. 🙂

Most of the crafters I know have this “issue”. So to all of you I say. Good luck, enjoy and maybe I’ll start in June is 2012. 🙂


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