T-9 Days to Christmas – Snow and Giving

“We are all very busy, but we should never become too preoccupied with our own concerns to help those in need.” Jennifer Chiaverini (A Quilter’s Holiday).

I love snow. I have always loved snow. Yes, I know it can be dangerous, stressful, irritating, but I LOVE SNOW!! I love the cleanness, the brightness, the chill, the quiet. I LOVE SNOW! Okay – have I made my point.

However, this week snow has taken on a different significance. There is a 5th grader at Alexander School where my children attend who recently was diagnose with a brain stem tumor. Today is his birthday and what he really wanted was snow. Well, the current temperature is 41 degrees and that is the lowest it has been in a couple of days. Some wonderful moms at the school decided to start a snowflake campaign to give Skyler his snow when he comes to school for a visit today for his birthday.

Many people have spent countless hours cutting literally hundreds of snowflakes out of coffee filters, paper and whatever they can find. Someone has donated a snow machine to make fake snow at Skyler’s house. The school awesomely agreed to allow the parents to hang blue table clothes on the walls and the snowflakes on top so they would show up extra well. It warms me to know how many people have taken time away from their own holiday preparations, troubles, school studies etc to provide this simple, but time consuming vision for a very sick little boy.

Ever since we moved to Albany, my mom has said we moved to Mayberry. Our children still play in the streets, people still sit on their porches and we know our neighbors names. All of our kids go to school on one campus – pre-K through 12th grade. Many of the Albany Police know the kids by name – even if they have never been in trouble. We have each other’s backs. When events such as this happen, it really confirms that this small village has a lot of love and sense of community. That shines as bright, clean, and peaceful as a new fallen snow.

I don’t have pictures – I am betting they are waiting until after he gets his surprise today to post any but, I will follow up with some when I see them. Until then, if you want to leave a message of support for Skyler and follow his progress you can like this page on Facebook

So I say – LET IT SNOW – paper, fake, real, I don’t care. LET IT SNOW!


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