t-7 Days to Christmas – COOKIES

Today was baking day. Thus – I’m a little late writing the blog post. I slept in a little this morning and then went for my run. I knew once I hit the kitchen that would be all I would want to do today. I made one kind for each person in the family. Plus started truffles, and made Christmas popcorn from a recipe found on Pinterest.

Here are the favorite cookies:
Greg – Pizzelles
Hannah – Butter cookie cut outs
Sarah – Double chocolate mint chip
Joey (my pseudo-son) – Snickerdoodles
Me – I like them all (that’s a big problem) but I made a low-fat version of gingerbread boys for me. I started with a recipe found on Pinterest, but by the time I was done substituting for all the things I didn’t have I think I created a new recipe.

The truffles are semi-sweet chocolate and Bailey’s Irish Cream. They will not be done until tomorrow.

I was in the kitchen for about six hours, but I love doing the baking. I would bake all the time if I had more time and it wasn’t lethal to my waistline. Fortunately, this time of year, most everything I make gets shared with others.

So – what are you baking? OR, what is your favorite kind of cookie?
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