T-6 Days to Christmas – Gifts

Shopping, shopping, shopping –
It’s the last week before the holidays and Facebook statuses are chockfull of panic and anticipation that the shopping isn’t done. I have to say, mine is done. My sister and I meet with mom in early November and go together to do most of it. Also, we are economizing this year and that shortened the list a lot. I love selecting meaningful gifts for people – not just randomly buying another sweater or pair of slipper socks. For me – Christmas truly is about giving more than receiving. I’m fine if there is nothing for me to open but I want to wrap up lots of gifts for others.

I have some more wrapping that needs to be finished tonight. I finished all the crafting with days to spare. Whoohooo! I thought it would be fun to list some of the great gifts I’ve received through my life:

1. My Webster’s Dictionary 1981 edition. I remember sitting at Grandma’s reading it. I was so excited. Funny – we still use it when playing word games or writing papers. The binding is worn and taped but there is still something about holding a heavy book of words like that.
2. Atari 2600 – Beth and I wanted this so bad. Kind of a bummer when we discovered it before Christmas morning and had to act surprised. Sorry mom.
3. Crockpot with a lift out crock. Yep – Greg bought me this and, no many would say it wasn’t a “romantic” gift, but it was to me. It saved me so much time and energy cleaning up after cooking for the numerous college students we had coming through the house.
4. Cards, ornaments, decorations my girls have made through the years at school.I love these pieces of paper and roughly hewn clay.

Some fun gifts I have given:
1. One year the girls got a corn snake as a pet. Terrific gift because they loved it and others were horrified.
2. Crocheted a blanket for Beth one year and was still finishing it on the way to Cincinnati.
3. Made sweatshirt jackets one year – same thing – finished them in the car.
4. The best gift was actually a gag gift that Beth and I pulled off. The cousins used to pick a theme and exchange names. One year the theme was “Childhood Memories” Beth and I made and sneaked in UNDER-ROOS for all the men. We dyed the t-shirts with Kool-aid. We even had them model them for everyone. Hilarious – best practical joke we have ever pulled – especially because no one suspected we were up to anything.


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