We made it! The preparation and anticipation are done. Now is the time to celebrate. We had a beautiful day with Greg’s parents, brother and a new friend from Rwanda yesterday ( he is a co-worker of my brother-in-law here without family). He speaks very good English but understands French better. Good thing Brian has a pocket translator. Tough to explain things like peppermint (candy canes) and pumpkin rolls but I think he enjoyed himself and I loved having him here.

I heard a song yesterday called, Your Last Childhood Christmas, I realized that this is Sarah’s. Next year, technically, she will only be visiting. Weird how the time seems to fly. Greg and I are celebrating our 20th Christmas together. That is more than I celebrated with my parents at home.

Well, the coffee is brewing, and Hannah is tormenting Sarah to get out of bed – “you can sleep in the car on the way to Grandma’s – get up – seriously – it’s Christmas”. So much for Peace on Earth:)

Merry Christmas – I have enjoyed writing this for the past 25 days. I hope I have new material after the holidays.


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