Time with Children – fleeting and precious

We have crossed a new threshold of parenthood. Our older daughter, Sarah, graduated with honors from Alexander High School this past weekend. Many people have asked me if I am sad, if I cried etc. My answer is “No, I feel like WE made it.” One thing I have reflected upon though is how quickly these eighteen years have flown by. And, how precious the time we have spent together as a family has been. My life goals always involved being a wife and mother. We have made it a point to have dinner around the table as much as possible (it gets much harder as the children get older and have more activities). We have tried to take day trips, celebrate birthdays, play games, and create events that not only serve as family time in the moment, but hopefully, have created lifelong memories of time spent together. 

For me, Monday, the last Marching Band performance for Sarah, was actually more moving and bittersweet than the actual graduation ceremony on Sunday. Band – all band (marching, jazz, symphonic, pit orchestra, Communiversity) has been Sarah’s focus for the past several years. As a band booster, and parent, it has been my life with her too. We all donned the Red Polo and went to one last Memorial Day celebration with her. For Greg and I, we are not done. Hannah is budding into a very good little horn player and is already talking about marching. Greg is still the assistant band director for Alexander High School. BUT, this thing we have shared and lived with Sarah has now come to an end. 

Sarah is starting a new chapter of her life. She has decided to continue in music by majoring Music Therapy at Ohio University. This summer she will play in the All Ohio State Fair Band for the final time (yep that’s one can bring tears to my eyes just typing this) and she will be attending Ohio State University’s flute camp to prepare for her college studies. 

While moved by how far we have come, and being immensely proud of the amazing mature young woman Greg and I have been blessed to raise, I am excited to continue to watch her grow and develop. I am excited to see how our relationship can change, as my duties of parenting have switched from correction and rearing and molding, to supporting, cheering and encouraging. 

For those of you still in the sleepless nights, potty training, food battles (Sarah went through a long period of not eating pizza of all things), imaginary friends (we will never forget Beemie), elementary school field trips, middle school projects, and middle and high school drama (especially if you have girls), hang in there. Treasure the moments. They are truly fleeting even if it doesn’t seem so. Find activities to do. Take time to put the phone, computer, book, sewing, cleaning – distractions – away and truly focus on the time you have with your children at home. You will never regret the time you took to read, sing, cuddle, comfort, or correct your child! 



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