My Mom Wears Many Hats

I know many of my readers are parents of small children, or perhaps daycare providers. When I started this blog, my children were still rather young. That has changed. My younger daughter, Hannah, is heading to seventh grade next year, as tall as I am, and very smart. Sarah, as I mentioned in a previous post is headed for college. I still have reminders of the girls being little though. I’m so glad I have kept these seemingly simple pieces of paper and drawings. They really connect me to those younger years. Every once in a while, one I have forgotten about reappears. Such was the case last night. Sarah is doing some cleaning and organizing of our storage building. The following was on the table this morning. We believe it was from Mother’s Day when she was in 4th or 5th grade – judging from the writing and the things she says. Remember to put a date on things when you save them!!!

My mom wears many hats in our family.

My mom is a teacher. She taught me how to…. sew and quilt my very own quilt. She also taught me how to be responsible to stay home alone. My least favorite thing she taught me was to clean my room. P.S. its still not clean.

My mom is a chauffeur. She drives me to… chorus every Thursday. During basketball season to basketball every Tuesday. And to home from Girl Scouts every other Thursday.

My mom is a cook. I love it when she makes… hamburgers their (sic) always perfect. Chocolate cookies behir always extremely chocolate. Last her homemade pizza its always really cheesy.

My mom is an engineer. She can always fix…. my BIG and I mean big mistakes. She can also always fix me when I am bad. Last she can always fix my heart when it hurts.

My mom is a magician. She can always find lost things. Once she found… money in my pants along with my ring and watch. Then she found my take home folder which actually happened many times.

My mom is a nurse. She always makes me feel better when… she supports my thoughts and telling me I’m just as good as anyone else. Also when she makes me sleep when I’m sick.

My mom is the best mother in the world because… she can stand all this craziness day after day. Also because she can keep everything calm sometimes. Last because she lets me be so social and busy when she’s the driver.

#1 MOM!

I doubt I could get her to do this again, but I wonder what she would say now 8-9 years later. It is amazing to me the little things that you think don’t have any impact (driving to chorus, cheesy pizza, encouragement) that don’t seem like a lot at the time that obviously impact your child. Remember to make time to be present with your child every day! YOU make the difference.



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