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The Benefits of Date Night: For a Couple, Single Parents, and the Kids!

Everyone has heard that date nights strengthens a relationship, but at Miss Christa’s Music Studio, it doesn’t only benefit the parents, but also the kids! Miss Christa’s Music Studio offers an opportunity for parents to go on a date night the 2nd Friday and/or Saturday of every month with educational babysitting for only $25! The babysitting is available from 5:00pm – 9:00pm, and a discount is available for siblings! The best part about the whole thing is the babysitting is educational, fun, and offers an opportunity for a night out for the parents!

The benefits of this opportunity are endless! The situation is a win-win scenario for everyone and here’s why:

For the Couples:

According to the National Marriage Project, there are 5 benefits for couples to go out on a date every once in a while.

  1. Date nights offer a chance for the couple to communicate, which is key in a relationship. People are continuingly changing, and by having time to talk to one another, couples are less likely to see problems dealing with change down the road.
  2. Researchers are discovering that “couples who engage in novel activities that are fun enjoy higher levels of relationship quality.” Therefore, date night = better relationship.
  3. For couples who have been together for a long period of time, dates can “rekindle the fire” and let each other remember why they love each other.
  4. Regular date nights have shown an increase in a couple’s commitment to each other, decreasing the chance of infidelity.
  5. Having date nights helps relieve stress, and enjoy time together away from everyday stress.
    9In Athens, 9 Tables is a great place for couples to enjoy an elegant and relaxing meal, while you are able to go to any restaurant, 9 Tables is highly recommended.

For the Single Parents:

Having a night off of parenting, from going out with friends or enjoying some alone time, can impact not only you, but your children. You’re a single parent, you do a lot, and you deserve a little time off here and there. You need to take care of yourself, so you can take care of your kids. This opportunity can help you de-stress, relax, and essentially, be a better parent. According for, “This (a stress free environment) is what will ultimately help their growing brains wire normally, without having to accommodate for some vague sense of impending danger as they develop, which may or may not exist.” This doesn’t only go for single parents, but all parents.

Comparing the benefits of a night out, and the benefits for children living in a stress free environment shows enough reason to take up this opportunity. Not only do your kids benefit from how date night affects you, but the babysitting is a wonderful chance for the kids!

For the Kids:

At Miss Christa’s Music Studio, the babysitting service for Date Night, isn’t the typical babysitting you would expect. This isn’t a local teenager watching TV while your child plays in the other room. Miss Christa’s Music Studio offers a different kind of babysitting every parent will love because of these reasons:

  • Education! While at the studio, your kids will be surrounded by an environment that encourages learning. Music is a great way to educate, and will be available at the studio.
  • Friends! The studio takes up to 12 children, allowing your child to intact with his/her peers. This allows for friendship to be made, which is never a bad thing!
  • Dinner! Though the studio does not provide dinner, if you bring dinner with the child, the studio will gladly feed him/her. This way you can go out to dinner, and keep your child on their regular eating schedule.
  • Clean and Safe! Babysitting is provided by adults who are constantly around children and provide a clean and safe environment.
  • Fun! Babysitting at Miss Christa’s Music Studio is so fun, you won’t feel guilty for leaving your kids with a babysitter!

Don’t waste anymore time and get signed up! Don’t forget, if you have more than one child, ask about the discount available!

To see more about Christa’s Music Studio:
Phone: (740) 854-4011
Website: http://www.misschristamusic.comFacebook:


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After having a fun day hanging out with my husband yesterday, I am in the office working, working, working today. So excited to be having our first ever Dino Drop Off Play Day at the studio on Monday. Parents will be dropping off their preschool/young school aged children to play, sing, dance, craft and hear stories about dinosaurs. I have so many ideas of things for us to do, that I thought maybe a blog post was in order as well. I know not everyone can attend on Monday but, maybe you can have your own dino day at home.

If you are on Pinterest, I have created a board. You can find it here. Dino Party Plans

Likewise, I would strongly suggest the CD “Most Amazing Dinosaur Songs” by Music for Little People. My sister bought me this CD a couple years ago, but this is the first time I have had an opportunity to use it. If you search for this CD on Google, there is also a link to the lyrics. So fun! I checked and this album is also available on iTunes.

Our activities on Monday are going to include doing a dinosaur dig – finding little dino trinkets after excavating through sand, making individual volcanos on paper plates which we will then use for finger painting, playing some color matching games and shape sorting, having dino egg races, creating dino dioramas that the children will then be allowed to take home and recreate over and over again, play dough play, dinosaur stomp dancing, bubble play, and parachute play. With all this activity, I know some down time has to be worked in (and we only have three hours), so each child will bring snack, and we will interject our high activity moments with some stories.

There are TONS of books – both fiction and non-fiction written on this subject for 4-8 year olds. Here is a very non-comprehensive book list, but these are written by some of my favorite children’s authors, or are ones I own (denoted by *).

*How Do Dinosaurs… (series of books) by Jane Yolen

*Dinosaurs Galore – Andreae Giles

*Mine-O-Saur – by Sudipta

*Dinosaurumpus – by Tony Mitton

*Dinosaur Roar – by Paul and Henrietta Stickland

*Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp – by Carol Diggory Shields

*Dinosaurs Love Underpants – By Claire Freedman

Dinosaurs by Gail Gibbons

Kids Can Draw Dinosaurs – by Philippe Legendre

Dinosaurs Don’t Dinosaurs Do – by Steve Bjorkman

Dinosaurs Dinosaurs by Byron Barton

Dancing with the Dinosaurs by Jane Clarke

Dinosaur Roar Butterflies Soar by Bob Barner

Dizzy Dinosaurs: Silly Dino Poems by Lee Bennett Hopkins

Too Many Dinosaurs by Mercer Meyer

ABC Dinosaurs by Jan Pienkowski

Flapdoodle Dinosaurs: A Colorful Pop-Up Book

If The Dinosaurs Came Back by Bernard Most

My Visit to the Dinosaurs by Aliki

Ten Terrible Dinosaurs by Paul Stickland

Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs by Sandra Boynton

Good Night Dinosaurs by Judy Sierra

There are just two spots left for our Dino Day Drop Off. If you are interested in the details and want to to sign up, see our website

**Please note – the Family Time playdate listed on the same page is closed! We will plan another soon.

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June 23, 2012 · 2:06 pm

Missing Grandpa

Grandpa Sam passed away this morning at around 1:00 a.m. The family had called in Hospice earlier this week and a DNR had been signed. Grandpa had been suffering from inoperable colon cancer for over three years. He has been miserable for a long time – especially since Grandma died a couple of years ago.

Grandpa was a major part of my life. Growing up we spent every Sunday afternoon at their house eating a meal together with the extended family, playing in the backyard or in the spare bedroom. I remember helping Grandpa pick carrots, tomatoes and apples out of the backyard garden he had. Grandpa loved flowers and had beautiful landscaping and roses too.

Grandpa also built model trains – in their garage he had build an incredible layout complete with buildings, ski lifts, working lights etc. It would take two or three guys to run all the trains at once. He built model ships too – anyone who has been to my house has seen the one that usually sits on the television. There were LOTS of those. He did all the fine detail work himself – including stitching the sails.

The smell of pipe smoke (cherry overtones) and Old Spice Aftershave is enough to make me look around and think Grandpa is in the room. He also is the first person I remember ever wearing a seatbelt and he wore his religiously before it even became a law.

Fun times were going for a “ride” on Friday or Saturday night with mom and dad. If they said we were picking up Grandma and Grandpa you could almost bet that we would stop and get ice cream somewhere.

Though I put myself through college, Grandpa bailed me out a time or two. He also was great for calling for a ride to or from piano lessons and for sending to mom’s office when I locked the keys in the car at the high school (right across the street from our apartment – I wasn’t supposed to drive the car over there anyway).

Grandpa had great stories about WWII, his childhood and was wise in many ways. One of his quotes is my husband’s favorite. I used to think this was silly, but the older I get the more I understand. “A bargain isn’t a bargain if you didn’t need the thing in the first place”.

Kindermusik families – I am going to have to cancel all of my Thursday classes this week in order to be with my mom and all my aunts, uncles and cousins at the funeral. Please contact me about either having a make up class on May 17 (Sunday) or I will give you a credit towards one class on a future semester.

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Okay so I’m prolific today…

But, we saw this video at convention and I just remembered I wanted to share it with you when I saw it on a friend’s Facebook. Enjoy!

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ABC 4-6 Creativity

This past Monday night in Sing Me A Story, we were sing the song Jing Jang. The words are

Jing Jang Jing Jang Let’s Make a Circle. Hands all around jing jang, hands all around jing jang, hands all around jing jang. Jing Jang Jing Jang I have an idea….

WOW did Parker, Emma, Dar, Cora, Ellie and Becca have ideas. According to the lesson plan, we were supposed to make circles with different parts of our bodies, culminating in a circle dance. These BRILLIANT thinkers, changed the circle into just about every shape imaginable. We made diamonds, squares, rectangles, triangles, ovals, ovals turned the other way, hearts and on and on with our hands, feet, legs, arms and each other.

I love that Kindermusik encourages us to let the plan go and allow the children to guide the lesson. In the old days of my public teaching career, I would have felt compelled to get them “back on track”. Now I know we weren’t off track, we just switched the direction a little bit. I am amazed at how many shapes these children know and the incredible ways the came up with to demonstrate them.

If you have a child in this class, give him/her a hug and tell them how smart they are!

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Coffeemate Creamer Bottles

I’m looking for Coffeemate Creamer Bottles (the white ones with the red or blue flip tops) for a snowman project for my Imagine That classes. If any of you drink Coffeemate or know someone that does, I need to come up with 9 bottles before December 15 in order to do the project. I have two in my fridge which means I only need 7 more.

Let me know if you have them and I will be happy to repurpose them for you so they don’t end up in a landfill somewhere (at least not yet<G>).

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Some great information from Kindermusik

Hey everyone! I am having a fantastic (exhausting) time in Raleigh right now. I cannot wait to get back home t to share with you the ideas, songs, books etc etc etc that I am learning about both through the blog and in the studio. I am just about half way through the convention and already have so many ideas for being  a better teacher, mom and business owner. Kindermusik absolutely is the best choice for your child and your family. I would love to bring all of you with me so you could meet the great Employee/Owners from KI that work so hard to provide our home materials, write our lesson plans and keep things current and real in today’s vastly changing world. 

There is one website I didn’t want to wait to get to you. KI has a wonderful new pamphlet that is viewable online about the benefits of music instruction and early literacy skills. They are also currently working on one that discusses the benefits of music instruction and early mathematical skills but it is not ready yet.

 Please share this website with your friends with children as well. As many of you know, I have been doing a lot of research about the quality of Kindermusik and insuring that we are the best choice for your families. I believe when you read the research you will be recommitted to the value of Kindermusik in your childrens’ lives. 

The website is  

Last night we were very very privileged to hear a concert by Skip Ewing and the Big Kidz Band. I cannot wait to incorporate some of the songs from his CD (Indian Elephant Tea) in class. He even did a special track just for Kindermusik families. He is an amazing musician (as are all the “dudes” in the band) and we had so much fun dancing and singing and being BIG KIDS. I even got an opportunity to dance on stage with him. This morning he spoke to us about creativity and helping children develop to their full potential by offering them the invitation to do so. If you would like to know more about Skip, visit his website

Okay it is about time for me to go back to “work”. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my card reader for my camera so you will have to wait for photos until I get home. 

I am having so much fun but I am also REALLY missing seeing you all in the studio. I’ll be home soon.

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