Welcome to my Kindermusik Reflections. My name is Christa Sigman. I am a Kindermusik educator who teaches children who live in the Athens County area. I not only have four years experienced as a licensed educator, I also hold a degree in Music Education from Ohio University.

In Kindermusik we believe that the parent is the child’s first and best teacher. You will experience forty-five minutes of class each week that will provide you with uninterrupted one on one time with your child. In addition, you will also receive home materials that include story books, cds, instruments and family activities that can increase your child’s retention of class materials and give you even more fun times at home. We have classes for newborns through children of age seven. In all classes, the child’s entire development is targeted. We do activities that work on cognitive, language, physical, musical, social and emotional development in each and every class. Not only that – we are a process based class, rather than performance based, so that whatever your child’s developmental level or activity level is, that is exactly what it is supposed to be. Kindermusik is the number one best choice for your child. They are never too young to start. Come visit us for a free preview and see what we have to offer. Visit my website at http://www.kindermusikwithmisschrista.com to learn more. Bring a friend with you!

We offer classes in Athens and in the Parkerburg WV area. We are blessed to have an outstanding teaching staff:
Miss Liesbeth was a Kindermusik parent for many years in Miss Christa’s classroom. She has a background in early childhood education and grew up in a very musical family. She is dynamic, warm and enthusiastically engages with everyone in her classes. Miss Liesbeth teaches many of our classes in the Athens area.

Miss Martha is a recent graduate from Muskingum College with a degree in music education. She is young, vibrant and fantastic with the children. In addition to teaching Kindermusik, she also teaches general music and choir classes at St.John’s Parochial School and is the Assistant Marching Band Director for the Warren High School Band. Miss Martha teaches classes in the Belpre and Parkersburg area.

We welcome all new families to try class for free – no obligation!


8 responses to “About

  1. Hollie Allen

    Hello Christa!

    I came across your website while doing some Kindermusik research. I had our oldest son in Kindermusik for 3 years until our twins came along and life got too busy. Because I truly believe in the power that music hold in a childs life and because of my former teaching career and involvement with vocal music, I am VERY interested in teaching Kindermusik. I now stay at home and raise our children.

    I am ready to sign up and take the online class, but a bit hesitant that it will be too time consuming with 3 children at home. My children nap from 2-3 hours daily and I thought I could do my lessons then. I am hoping to start out teaching a couple Saturday classes until my children are in school. I really feel that this is the career path I want to take. I love the philosophy and parent/child connection that Kindermusik has to offer and the flexibility with remaining a full-time mommy.

    I have left several messages to the Kindermusik teachers in my area and have not had any responses. Could you give me a few tips on the class and if you believe that it is only 3-5 hours a week of course work, which is stated on the website.

    I would appreciate any information you could give me.


  2. gary

    I am just looking for a class for my 2 year old. What is the winter schedule?


  3. Hi Christa,
    I tried to fax the proposed invoice to you but it seems to be the wrong number. Don’t have other contact info for you–please call or email w/correct #–Thanks! Christine

  4. karen holm-hudson

    Hey Christa,
    Just got licensed in Kindermusik and am interested in the conference at the end of July. Couldn’t find a link to info?

  5. RENE

    INTERESTED IN FALL PROGRAM FOR MY 3 YEAR OLD. where/when/how? phone# and address also plz

  6. Is 7.5 months old enough to attend the friday classes? What time is the friday class from and until please?

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