Anybody know a joke?

I am really in a funk this week. I don’t know why. Classes have gone well, the children are as adorable as ever. Parents are as supportive and awesome as ever. I get to see my mom and my grandma this weekend and spend some time with Greg and the kids. I don’t know if the weather is affecting my mood or if I’m listening to too much news. I’m just feeling kind of blah. So, if you know a good joke, feel free to post it in the comments section of this entry. Remember this is a family blog – please keep them clean. I think I’ll put some Beach Boys music on and dance around the living room – maybe that will make the gloomies go away.


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One response to “Anybody know a joke?

  1. shelly swanson

    Not a joke, but I think it is funny. Becca is sick this weekend, and last night she woke up. Actually it was 3 am. Chris got up with her and she wanted to come in our room, so he brought her in. She laid down on his pillow and he said, “scoot over buddy”.
    To which she replied, “daddy, you need to go to work.” Then rolled over and went to sleep. So, he slept on the couch! 🙂 Ya gotta love kids!

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